Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mitch Simmons and Family - Fundraising Campaign Day 13 (Friday, June 12)

Mitch Simmons and Family - Fundraising Campaign Day 13 (Friday, June 12)

Well, it looks like that mid-week motivation post worked!

"If we hit $8,500 today ($136 away), I will post a classic Rapid City video including Rob Tschetter, Garrett Meier, Mitch Simmons, Jeff Sears and myself (to name a few) tomorrow for ‪#‎TBT‬
Also, from now going forward, I will post a "classic" (i.e. embarrassing) photo from high school or college for every $1,000 raised (no worries, these will only be embarrassing to me)

We hit that $8,500 by Thursday morning (video was posted) and have now reached 87 donors with $9,114 contributed as of this morning...36% of the way to our goal...all raised in less than 2 weeks!

Great work everyone!

In our Stevens High Class of '88, '89 and '90 contest we are seeing some momentum, with '89 in striking distance of the $5,000 goal I set for the class!

The '88 and '90 classes really stepped up this week bringing in 4 and 5 donors respectively this week!  (note: as of this post I am counting donations from '86/'87/'88 for the '88 class and donations from '90/'91/'92 for the '90 class)

As stated in Mitch's video, our "Group of 6" has been friends since Dakota Jr. High. Instead of you only getting my perspective/stories on Mitch during this fundraising, beginning tomorrow another member of our group, Kenny Wheeler, will be leading this charge (and after 25+ years of military'd better be ready!)

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