Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mitch Simmons and Family - Fundraising Campaign Day 7 (Saturday, June 6)

I promised an update from Mitch this morning and he did not disappoint. If you already gave, reading this e-mail will confirm that you gave to a great cause. If you haven't given already, reading this e-mail will confirm that you are giving to a great cause.



With the money raised thus far I will pay down the balances on expenses from the microvascular decompression craniotomy (brain surgery) along with the medical expense balances that have accumulated from trips to the ER, hospital stays, seeing specialists, prescriptions, tests, etc. After my last payment, the total of these bills is just over $24,000.00. Having my friends, family, and loved ones donate funds to help pay these bills is incredible. I have been having to provide my family with the bare minimum and use as much money as possible to pay down these bills. With the help of everyone that has donated, I will be able to start trying to save money to get my home ready for sale. We want to move to Northern Michigan so we can be close to Jennifer's parents so that they can help us with raising our children. Jennifer became disabled after having our first son. She has had problems that stem from surgeries she had done as a premature infant. Though she has always had to deal with health problems she was able to graduate from Michigan State University and was working selling insurance prior to having our first son. Once Hayden was born her health problems became to difficult for her to work. We were lucky in that I had been promoted around this time and were able to live with just my income. When I became disabled two years ago and started having large medical expenses, financially we started to have problems. Having friends help us is miraculous.

Even with Jennifer and I both at home, our health problems do not allow us to do the many things parents want to do for their children. Just getting out of the house is difficult for us so the boys are stuck at home and that is not fair to them. If we are able to move to Michigan, Jennifer's parents will be able to take the kids out to do things and participate in activities. It will be great for the kids to be near their grandparents along with other family. With the kids being able to spend time with their grandparents, this will allow Jennifer and I the opportunity to try to do things that may be able to help us to better deal with chronic pain. Just typing this email is starting to exhaust me and my boys all want my attention. I am amazed my youngest son is letting me type on the computer. He usually will climb on me if I try to get on the computer to do anything.

I want to send every person a message on Facebook that has shown their support. I am looking forward to going to everyone's Facebook page and get caught up on what they have been up to. I better finish up this email and get a little rest along with giving my boys some attention. I probably will have to try to make getting on Facebook my goal for tomorrow or tonight if I get any energy. Through dealing with ATN I realize now more than every how blessed I am to have so many great people in my life. I am a very lucky man.

Thank you for setting this up. This is not only helping my family and I financially our spirits have improved.


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