Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mitch Simmons and Family - Fundraising Campaign Day 15 (Sunday, June 14)

Mitch Simmons and Family - Fundraising Campaign Day 15 (Sunday, June 14)


(Kenny Wheeler taking over fundraising for the week)... 

First, a sentence or two about my great friend Mr. Patrick Tschetter. One of the greatest human beings on earth and someone I am honored to call my friend. 

Mitch Simmons, the man, the myth, the legend. I remember the first time I met Mitch. I was standing in the lobby of Dakota Junior High (yes Junior High) waiting for the activities bus. Down the stairs came this curly haired kid and asked me where the pay phone was. Simple enough, right? I forgot to mention Mitch had just moved from Memphis. So his straightforward question sounded like this to a young South Dakotan, "Y'all know were a fern is?" Alright, so maybe his accent wasn't THAT thick, but I definitely remember a "Y'all" thrown in there.

Little did I know, that kid with the funny accent would become one of my best friends for life. Liking Mitch was easy. He was, and is, the best athlete I've ever met. We liked the same movies (anything with Bill Murray or Chevy Chase). It's safe to say we just clicked. Throw in a couple of other locals (Pat & Garrett) and a hyper little skinny kid from Iowa (Kelly) and you have a recipe for endless amusement. There were many other friends that we ran around with and I by no means want to exclude anyone. But over the years, our band of brothers has been these guys and Roboto. Friends ebb and flow in and out of your life. They don't leave for good, they wash back in when nature see's fit. It's just how life works. But in everyone's life, they have that coral reef that remains no matter what the tide does. 

That was our poetry corner for the day. 


We are here to raise funds for Mitch and his family to offset obscenely high medical bills. I will be posting this week on the site. 

My first official act as commissioner of the pledge drive is this: 
I will match the next $200 donated. As I am typing this, we are sitting at $9,469. When we get to $9,669 I will donate $200. 
My challenge for someone, ANYONE is this: 
after I have honored my matching pledge of $200 pick up the baton and KEEP RUNNING. 
You don't have to match $200, it can be more or less. If 20 people match $20 donations, that's like a million bucks right there (if you know me, you know I suck at math). I do know this much about math, many small donations equals one or two big donations. There are ALOT of us out here on the internets so lets all get involved, give a little and make a huge difference. 

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